Thursday, April 25, 2013

1 Samuel 14,15 - Notes on God's Character

1 Samuel 14
God's Character

VERSES 15-23
GOD'S CHARACTER - God caused the ground to shake in an earthquake. (v.15) He sent a natural disaster to increase the fear in the Philistines. God has power over nature and will make His creation fall in line with His plans.

VERSES 24-48
GOD'S CHARACTER - When Saul sought after God's will, He remained silent. (v.37) Saul took that as a sign that a sin had been committed, which was accurate. The reason God is silent is not always because of sin, but that could be a reason we don't hear from God in our lives.

1 Samuel 15
God's Character

GOD'S CHARACTER - 1). God asked Saul to destroy the Amalekites. (v.2,3) He was punishing them for their mistreatment of Israel earlier on. God remembers what we have done and will repay us as He chooses. We must remember that God is sovereign and worthy of our loyalty and respect. 2). God made Saul the head of Israel, though he was small in his own eyes. (v.17) Saul couldn't dream big enough to realize what God could do with him. God made him much bigger than he ever could have made himself. God can always do bigger things than we imagine. 3). Saul tore Samuel's robe, and God used it as an illustration. (v.27,28) God taught Saul through his own actions. He took advantage of the situation to teach Saul a lesson. Everything in creation is at God's exposal, to use as He wants to accomplish His will. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

1 Samuel 9,12 - Notes of God's Character

1 Samuel 9
God's Character

GOD'S CHARACTER - 1). Samuel was coming to meet Saul at the entrance to the city. (v.14) Saul had no idea that God was looking for him. As we pursue God, it's important for us to remember that He is also pursuing us, and He is probably closer than we think. Saul was looking for the donkeys; God was looking for His King. 2). God told Samuel that Saul was coming. (v.15,16) He prepared Samuel for the task that he was going to do. When God gives us something to do, He makes us adequate for the ministry. He is as much God in the presentation as He is in the preparation as well. 3). Samuel gave Saul an incredible conversation. (v.19,20) He told him that he had plans to meet with him, the donkeys were found, and God had a great plan for his life. Saul must have been dumbfounded. At any time God can say and do things to us that will amaze us in every way.

1 Samuel 12
God's Character

GOD'S CHARACTER - 1). The people cried out to God with sincere hearts, and He answered them. (v.10,11) He sent powerful leaders to come rescue them from their enemies. Every time we cry out to God, He hears and responds according to His will. 2). God punished the people because they asked for a King against His will. (v.17) He destroyed the wheat harvest with a huge storm. Even in this punishment, we see the grace of God, because now He has set up a King for them to help them overcome this difficulty.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

1 Samuel 5,7 - Notes of God's Character

1 Samuel 5
God's Character

GOD'S CHARACTER - 1). Our God reigns over all. (v.3,4) Though the Philistines tried to put God on the same level as their idol Dagan, each morning when they woke up, Dagan was laying in submission before our God. There is no other God above Him. The Philistines hadn't defeated the Israelites by themselves, God had allowed it. 2). God punished the Philistines with tumors as well. (v.6) The people were getting sick because of their sinful ways. God was punishing them for stealing the Ark in their pride. God can never accept sin in His presence.

1 Samuel 7
God's Character

GOD'S CHARACTER - The Philistines were coming up to attack, but God is back with the Israelites. (v.10,11) He thundered over them, scaring them out of position. All these Israelite men, who are weak from fasting and not prepared to fight, destroyed them because God led the way. Let God thunder down on your enemies and troubles before you even try to touch them.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

1 Samuel 3,4 - Notes on God's Character

1 Samuel 3
God's Character

GOD'S CHARACTER - 1). God was speaking to Samuel. (v.4-6) Samuel was a young boy and had never heard God's voice before, but God was speaking to him. God is faithful to His people, and will speak to them. He also will speak to young and old alike. 2). Eli directed Samuel to respond to God. (v.8,9) Three different times, Samuel had come to Eli, thinking he had been called. Eli came to the realization that God must be involved. When we can't explain what is happening around us, we need only to look to God for direction and help. He is active in the mysteries of this world. 3). God spoke something to Samuel that would make the ears of all who heard it tingle. (v.11) When God speaks, people listen. God's message always brings a response from us. We need to hear what God wants to tell us. Our ears should perk up at the sound of His voice.

1 Samuel 4
God's Character

GOD'S CHARACTER - 1). The leaders asked why God allowed them to lose. (v.3) They realized that nothing happens apart from God's will. God is in control of all things and orders the ways of men. He is sovereign and reigns over all. 2). Hophni and Phineas died and the Ark was captured. (v.11) God had told Eli that his family would be punished, and even when it helped the Ark go into pagan hands, God did what He said He would do. He is a 'man' of His word.