Thursday, October 31, 2013

1 Samuel 9,10 - Notes on Worship

1 Samuel 9
Notes on Worship

PASSION - 1). The servant sacrificed for the sake of Saul. (v.8,10) Only after the servant gave of his own hard earned money would Saul relent and allow them to approach Samuel. This servant is more impressive here than Saul, because  he was ready to give for the sake of another. 2). Samuel set apart the best for Saul. (v.24) Our leader deserves our best. We need to set aside the best of what we have for God. Giving our best to God shows our loyalty as an act of true worship.

1 Samuel 10
Notes on Worship

WORD OF GOD - Saul encountered three men, one who was carrying three loaves of bread. (v.3) The bread is symbolic of the Word of God. God was teaching Saul that he needed to be dependant on God for everything in life. The Word of God is like food for our souls.
WORSHIP - 1). Saul met the three men on the second leg of his journey at Bethel. (v.3) Bethel was the place were Jacob met God. It was an altar, a place of worship. God wants his leaders to regular attend his place of worship and spend time in his presence often. 2). Saul came across three men, one of which had a wineskin. (v.3) Wine represents the Holy Spirit, as does oil as well. This wine symbolizes God's desire for us to be full of His Spirit, and led by it as well. The Spirit must be within for God's power to be displayed with-out. 3). Saul encountered three men who gave him some bread. (v.4) They willingly gave him some bread, even when they only had enough for themselves. They gave him two and kept one. They gave a double portion away. Saul was learning that giving is a part of worship, and we should always be willing to give our very best. 4). The prophets at the Phillistine outpost were worshippers. (v.5) Worship is a part of spiritual warfare. As those prophets worshipped, God attacked the demonic forces of the Phillistines in the heavenly realms. When we worship, God confronts the enemy.
PASSION - Samuel encouraged Saul to do whatever was on his heart after God was with him. (v.7) When we are full of the Spirit of God and changed into a new person, God encourages us to dream and create new things for Him. We can take initiative to bring God glory.


WORSHIP - Saul finished prophecying and then went to the high place. (v.13) The high places were places of sacrificial worship. Saul finished ministering to others, and then he went to a place where he could minister to God. We should spend all of our time with God, in His presence and in His will for ministry.
PASSION - When Saul went home, valiant men went with him. They left their own homes because God had touched their hearts. They were now servants of their King. When God touches our hearts, we forsake all else to follow His plan and go where He goes. A desire to stay close to God shows valiance in our lives.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

1 Samuel 7,8 - Notes on Worship

1 Samuel 7
Notes on Worship

WORSHIP - 1). The men of Kiriath Jearim came to recover the Ark. (v.1) They placed it on a hill and consecrated Eleazar to minister with it. They treated it with respect. They placed it high on a hill, so people could look up to it and God can be over all. They consecrated a priest to be obedient to God's commands, and utilize the Ark to it's full extent. Though not ideal, they adapted to the situation so they could still worship. We need to be flexible in our worship, and allow God to change the circumstances. 2). They poured out water before the Lord. (v.6) Then they prayed and fasted, confessing that they were sinners before an Almighty God. The pouring of water was symbolic of the pouring out of their hearts before the Lord. It's OK for us to use culture symbolism in reflecting our true motives before God. 3). While Samuel was sacrificing offerings, the Philistines were coming for war. (v.10) Worship is a form of warfare. As we worship, the enemy is preparing His battle plans as well. If we want to be strong against the enemy, than we need to worship God often and with all our might.
PASSION - 1). The Israelites showed us the steps to reconciliation. (v.3-9) First, they turned from their sinful ways. Then they came together in prayer and fasting. They humbly confessed their sins, and then sacrificed in worship to God. This shows a proper pathway to becoming right with God. 2). The Isrealites took back the towns from Ekron to Gath. (v.14) These were towns that had been stolen by the Philistines. When God steps into our lives, we will win the victory over sin and take back what the enemy had stolen from us as well.

1 Samuel 8
Notes on Worship

PASSION - Samuel was displeased, so he prayed to the Lord. (v.6) When we have troubles and difficulties in life, we must turn to God and speak with Him. He is our helper in times of need.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

1 Samuel 5,6 - Notes on Worship

1 Samuel 5
Notes on Worship

WORSHIP - Dagan's head and hands were broken off and lying on the threshold to the pagan temple. (v.4) The head represented the mind, the hands represented the actions. We worship God with our mind, but also with our actions. They were laying on the threshold, showing that we worship God in the temple, and outside of the temple as well.

1 Samuel 6
Notes on Worship

WORSHIP - 1). The Philistines knew God was worthy of honor. (v.3) He had proved His power to them, and they wanted to appease Him. They wouldn't think of sending the Ark back to Israel empty handed. We should always be willing to worship God because we should always be living in admiration of all that He had done. 2). They sent the Ark back to Isreal. (v.7) They placed the Ark on a new cart with cows that had never been yoked before. They gave God their best. We should always be willing to give God our best in all that we do. 3). The Philistine leaders watched the people of Beth Shemesh worship God, and then they went home. (v.15,16) They could have just left once they had seen that the cows were going into foreign territory. But they were intrigued and wanted to see what God would do next. People are watching us worship, and it is a great opportunity for us to allow God to do great things in their midst. 4). God punished 70 men for looking in the Ark. (v.19) In their worship, the people forgot about pleasing God and desired to please themselves. They directly disobeyed God and tried to peer into the Ark. We must remember to keep God as the focus of our worship, and never put the attention on ourselves. We worship Him because He is great, not for how great it makes us feel.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

1 Samuel 3,4 - Notes on Worship

1 Samuel 3
Notes on Worship

WORSHIP - Samuel was resting in the general area where the ark of the covenant was kept. (v.2,3) The lamp representing the Holy Spirit was still lit. Samuel literally slept in the presence of God. He was constantly surrounded by God and all of His goodness. What a wonderful way to grow up as a young boy!

1 Samuel 4
Notes on Worship

WORSHIP - The people shouted when the Ark came into the camp. (v.5,6) They were so loud that the ground shook. Later, they were defeated. They were able to shake the ground with their enthusiasm, bu they couldn't win the battle. Loud, enigmatic worship is nothing without actions to back it up. We need to fight for God with the same intensity that we worship Him in the safety of our churches.
PASSION - The Philistines rose up to defeat the Israelites again. (v.9) The heard the shouting, realized the Ark had come into the camp, and were afraid. But they channeled their fear into action, and slaughtered the Isrealites. When we face frightening situations, we've got to trust in God and be passionate in our pursuit of Him. Let fear make us stronger in our fight against the devil.

VERSES 12-22
PASSION - A Benjamite ran to tell the people of Shiloh the news of the battle. (v.12) He was in a state of morning, with his clothes torn and dust on his head. He was undoubtedly tired from the battle, yet he ran to spread the news. This was the only way to communicate over long distances in that time period. He did his job well.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

1 Samuel 1,2 - Notes on Worship

1 Samuel 1
Notes on Worship

WORSHIP - 1). Hannah was pouring out her soul to the Lord. (v.15) She was so focused on connecting with God that when others looked on, they couldn't understand what she was doing. It didn't matter to her what others thought, she was going to praise God with all of her heart. When we worship, we shouldn't worry about what others will say; we should just worship God the best that we can. 2). Before they went home, they woke up early to worship at the temple one last time. (v.19) Rather than just hitting the road for the long journey home, they remembered God one last time. There is always time for more of God in our busy schedules.
PASSION - 1). Elkanah was a faithful man. (v.3) Year after year, he worshipped and sacrificed. Being faithful to God always makes us candidates for God's wonders. Faithfulness pleases God and gets his attention. 2). Hannah promised to give her children back to the Lord. (v.11) She had been longing for a son, which brought her closer to God. Now, even if she has a Son, she will give him back to God and continue to come to Him in prayer. God has finally become enough for her. All needs in our lives should bring us to a place where God is enough for us as well. 3). Hannah was praying silently before the Lord. (v.13) Her lips were moving, but only God could hear what she had to say. God is Spirit, and when we pray in Spirit, He hears and responds.

VERSES 21-28

WORSHIP - 1). Hannah took a 3 year old bull to slaughter as a sacrifice. (v.25) After the sacrifice she came and gave her son to the priest. The bull was symbolic of her son, both being young and full of potential. Her sacrifice was her praise. She gave God her best. 2). Hannah testified to Eli. (v.26,27) She reminded him that she was the lady praying for a child, and she proclaimed that God had answered her prayers. When God works in our lives, we must share it with others to worship God and encourage them in their journey.
PASSION - Elkanah went to offer his annual sacrifice to the Lord. (v.21) We've already seen his faithfulness and prayer and worship, and once again we see him carrying out his duties as expected. It's important for us to remember special times with the Lord and be obedient in all the tasks he desires of us. A promise to the Lord is more important than any promise on this earth.

1 Samuel 2
Notes on Worship

WORSHIP - Hannah praised the Lord. (v.1) She rejoiced in the Lord who answered her prayers. She realized that her horn, symbolizing strength, was in God alone. When we worship God, He gives us all the power we need.
PASSION - Hannah boasted over her enemies. (v.1) Peninnah had been verbally abusive to Hannah. But God gave Hannah a child so Peninnah has nothing to tease her about anymore. God silenced her enemies. Hannah can boast in the Lord’s deliverance. She knows who is responsible for the change in her life.

VERSES 12-26

WORSHIP - Samuel grew up in the presence of the Lord. (v.21) He knew the ways of the temple, the customs of the priests, the mysteries of God. He was familiar with the things of God. We need to stay close to God and His people and study it in our lives. Part of the journey of getting to know God is making sure that we are in the right place.
PASSION - Eli's sons were wicked, but Samuel grew closer to God. (v.25,26) They all grew up in the temple and were surrounded by the things of God. Yet only Samuel remained holy. Just being in the right place isn't enough, we've got to make a personal committment in our lives to embrace God with all that we have.