Thursday, November 28, 2013

1 Samuel 18, 19 - Notes on Worship

1 Samuel 18
Notes on Worship

WORSHIP - 1). The women worshipped when their men returned. (v.6) God gave them the victory, and they weren't ashamed to give Him praise for it. They used variety in their worship; singing, dancing, playing instruments. They wanted a full, lively celebration of God. We need te remember the great things that God does, and worship Him exuberantly for them. 2). Saul prophecied as David played the harp. (v.10) Prophecy is a form of worship, welcome at all times of praise and worship of our King. Worship God with spiritual songs.
PASSION - 1). David did his job the best he possibly could. (v.5) He didn't just do is successfully, but SOOO successfully, much more than anyone else would have done in his position. He had a passion for excellence as an act of worship to God. 2). Saul threw spears at David, and he eluded them twice. (v.11) After the first murder attempt, David still played for his king, risking his life. For most of us, one spear thrown in our direction would be enough to allow for our exit, but David was true. David was faithful to his king even when his king wasn't faithful to him. 3). David resisted King Saul's first attempt to have him marry his daughter Merab. (v.17) He could have become Saul's son-in-law, and had a pathway, albeit an improbable one, to the throne. But he resisted, knowing that God had something better in store. He didn't take the easy way out, but waited for God's plan. 4). David brought Saul 200 foreskins. (v.27) Saul had only asked for 100, but David went above and beyond and brought back double the amount. He also wanted to do his best for his king, and he proved his loyalty by being so excellent. True passion can be soon in a pursuit of excellence in all that we do.

1 Samuel 19
Notes on Worship

WORSHIP - Saul acted strange in the presence of God. (v.24) He lay naked on the ground, prophecying. We don't see that happen much today, but it could. When God intervenes in the affairs of men, we respond physically to spiritual things. Sometimes, something is lost in translation, and our physical response seems strange and abnormal. We shouldn't look down on those who respond in strange ways, but allow them to experience God however they can.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

1 Samuel 16,17 - Notes on Worship

1 Samuel 16
Notes on Worship

WORSHIP - 1). Samuel admitted that he was scared. (v.2) He was afraid that Saul would hear about his plans and kill him. God didn't really address his fears, but moved him into the next step in His plan. God answered his worries with a call to worship, to sacrifice an offering to Him. When we are afraid, the solution is to lose ourselves in worship. 2). Samuel consecrated Jesse and his  sons before they came to sacrifice. (v.5) They made themselves clean before they worshipped God. God will accept us just as we are, but we can still do our best to worship God not just with our best song, but also with our best appearance and behavior.
PASSION - David was anointed as the next king. (v.13) What a powerful moment in David's life. One moment he's watching sheep all alone, the next he's standing in front of his family being anointed as the next great leader of Israel. He would always be able to look back to this moment as the start of his incredible journey as the greatest king Israel had ever seen.

VERSES 14-23
WORSHIP - Whenever Saul was tormented, David would play his harp and Saul would find relief. (v.23) The music soothed Saul's stress, brought on by the evil spirit from God. God brought relief through the worship of His servant David. Worship is powerful; it has the ability to change us and make us better for God.

1 Samuel 17
Notes on Worship

VERSES 1- 58
PASSION – 1). David arrived while the armies were drawn for battle. (v.22) Rather than waiting for them to relax, he left his gifts with the keeper of supplies and ran to be with them on the battle lines. David wasn't afraid and he wanted to be in the action. God is looking to promote leaders who run into battle for His kingdom. 2). David declared what his strength was. (v.45) He didn't talk about his slingshot or the stones, he talked about the name of His Lord. He knew that if He won or lost, it would be completely because of God. His confidence was in God and God alone. 3). David turned Goliath's threats back on him. (v.46) He told Goliath that he would destroy him in the same way Goliath promised to destroy David. He wasn't going to back down at all, and wanted Goliath to know that in his heart, he was even a bigger warrior than he. 4). David was brought before King Saul, still holding Goliath's head in his hands. (v.57) He had been brought before the King and encouraged him not to lose heart because of that Philistine. He came back to the King after the battle and the rout of the army, with the head still there. He wasn't about to let the head go yet, the sign of his victory for God.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

1 Samuel 14,15 - Notes on Worship

1 Samuel 14
Notes on Worship

WORSHIP - Jonathan would let God show them what to do by the reactions of the Philistines. (v.8-10) Rather than sneaking up on them, he revealed their presence, looking to their response as the sign. We should always seek to know God's will and look to Him to give us signs of His desire for our lives.
PASSION - Jonathan wanted to pick a fight. (v.6) He had faith that God would save them. He trusted in God enough to go on the offensive for His glory. Our faith in God should be great enough to tackle the obstacles the stand in our way.

VERSES 24-48
PASSION - No one in the regular army would eat any honey because they feared their King. (v.26) Though it was oozing at of the trees in the woods, the men resisted. What a faithful group of men to their king. We must learn how to resist the many temptations the devil throws at us in the same way.

1 Samuel 15
Notes on Worship

WORSHIP - 1). Saul forgot who had made Him King. (v.17) He built a memorial for himself, when he should have been building a memorial for God. We must remember to worship God for everything good that happens in our lives, because it's all because of Him. 2). God wants us to worship Him with all of our lives. (v.22) It's not enough to sing the songs, we must act them out. It's not enough to praise Him in church, we must do it everywhere. Obedience is one of the highest forms of honor and worship for God. Obedient Christians are true worship leaders.
PASSION - 1). God asked Saul to utterly annihilate the Amalekites. (v.3) He was supposed to destroy everything they had. God always gives His all and demands that we do the same. When following out God's commands, we must give it everything we have. 2). Samuel went back with Saul to kill King Agag of the Amalekites. (v.31-33) Saul thought he came back to make him look good in front of the elders, but Samuel took care of the business that Saul was supposed to  accomplish for God. He took matters in his own hands and did want God wanted. Saul wasn't known for being a physical warrior, but he became one that day for God.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

1 Samuel 11,13 - Notes on Worship

1 Samuel 11

PASSION - When Saul heard about the distress of the people of Jabesh, he was moved to anger. (v.6) The Spirit of God burned within him and moved him to action. With the Spirit of God in our lives, we will be moved to action as well.

VERSES 12-15
WORSHIP - Saul wouldn't allow anyone to be put to death because it was a day of rejoicing. (v.13,15) He recognized that a great victory was achieved, and God was worthy of the praise. When God does wonders among us, we must immediately turn our affections upon Him in worship and celebration.

1 Samuel 13

PASSION - The men of Israel hid in caves and quaked with fear. (v.6,7) When we face a great enemy, God is looking for warriors that will be brave and stand their ground.