Thursday, December 26, 2013

1 Samuel 27,28 - Notes on Worship

1 Samuel 27
Notes on Worship

PASSION - David continued to attack the Philistines from inside their borders. (v.8,9) He stayed true to Israel even though he was living with the Philistines, and on the run from the Israel king. David had every reason to betray his country as many of us may have done in the same circumstances, but he stayed true for the sake of His God. Even when things don’t go our way, we need to be faithful to God. When we stay true even when it isn't convenient, it shows God how much we truly love Him. 

1 Samuel 28
Notes on Worship

PASSION - David promised Achish that he would eventually see what he could do. (v.2) We can assume that David meant Achish would finally see where his true loyalties lied, though Achish took it as if David would protect him at all costs, which wasn't true. David wasn’t afraid to be honest about his abilities. David could promise Achish that he would see David’s true colors. David was ready to put it all on the line and stop living a lie. He made a bold statement and was ready to back it up with action. There comes a time in our lives when we need to be ready to move, and we need to prove it by declaring it for all to hear.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

1 Samuel 25,26 - Notes on Worship

1 Samuel 25
Notes on Worship

WORSHIP - 1). Abigail began to prophecy over David. (v.26-29) She declared a) that David’s enemies would all be foolish like Nabal, b) that God would make David a lasting dynasty, c) that David would fight the Lord’s battles, d) that David should strive to be free from all wrongdoing and e) that God would keep David alive. She came to ask for help for her family, but wound up blessing David and speaking to Him on behalf of God. God used her to encourage David immensely. 2). Abigail gave gifts to David and his men. (v.26-31) She was doing this as a servant of God, obvious in her message to David. She kept David from making a big mistake through bloodshed, and she kept her family alive as well. In giving her gift, she helped save lives. When we give gifts to God, we are helping to save lives as well. 3). David worshipped God for Abigail and her intervention. (v.32) He realized that he was acting out of vengeance, and his actions were of his own accord and not on the Lord’s behalf. She saved him, and David worshipped God because of it. When we receive help from others, it’s another reason to worship God, because he is the author of it again. 4). David again worshipped God for punishing Nabal for his wrongdoing. (v.39) David had tried to act on his own and punish Nabal but God stopped him. David didn’t know at that time if God would still punish Nabal or not, he just had to trust Him. God did intervene, and ten days later Nabal died. God took care of David’s business, and David was grateful in praise.
PASSION - 1). A servant told Abigail what David and his men had done. (v.14-16) This servant mentioned their request to Nabal based on their character when they were together in the fields. The report was that they were kind, didn’t steal anything, and even protected them from other potential marauders. The servant spoke highly of them and realized that Nabal had made a mistake, so he/she risked their life to tell Abigail and see if something might be done. This servant was so impressed with David, and so loyal to Nabal and Abigail, that he couldn’t stand by and let a mistake develop. 2). Abigail asked that the blame be on her alone. (24) She goes to explain that she knew nothing of David’s emissaries or his kind actions with the shepherds, but she asked the blame. She obviously had nothing to do with Nabal’s poor response, but she stood up for him nonetheless. She was willing to stand in the gap and try to resolve the situation is accepting the blame would help. What a bold, loyal move for her to make? 3). God wants us to be holy. (v.28,29) He told David through Abigail that he would be a dynasty that fights the Lord’s battles and lives long, but his part was to be clean. he was to live in such a way to keep all wrong doing out of his life. God would keep David in victory and David would keep himself from evil. The best gift God desires from us is holiness through obedience.

1 Samuel 26
Notes on Worship

PASSION - 1). Abishai was ready to kill Saul for David. (v.8) Even though it was a dangerous task, one that might certainly get Abishai killed, he was willing to do it for his leader. He cared enough about David to risk his life for his benefit. 2). David called out to Abner, the king’s general. (v.14,15) He confronted him on his inability to protect this King. David probably new Abner well, fighting in battles together. Truthfully, Abner was in the place that David would have been if Saul hadn’t been jealous of him. David called out to a man, very much his equal, and confronted him on his inefficiency. David wasn’t afraid to pick a fight. 3). David was ready to let God has His way. (v.19) He told Saul that if he had come to kill David on God’s behalf, then David would lay down his life as the offering desired. But if men had sent them, then they should be killed because they are going against God’s plan. David was passionate about obeying God, even to the point of sacrificing his own life if that’s what God wanted. How many of us would be willing to go that length to please God?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

1 Samuel 23,24 - Notes on Worship

1 Samuel 23
Notes on Worship

WORSHIP - Abiathar joined David's army in this battle with his ephod present as well. (v.6) The ephod was a priestly garment that in some way represented the presence of the Lord. The men of Israel didn't go into this battle on their own, they had the presence and power of the Almighty God with them. Everywhere you go, recognize God's presence with you and stay in an attitude of worship.
PASSION - 1). Ahimilech answered King Saul honestly. (v.14,15) He told of how he had helped David before and he reminded the King of David's loyalty to him through position and relationship. Though the priest must have been surprised, he told the truth and stayed true to David and to the King. He was in a tough situation but he stayed true. 2). The kings officials were unwilling to raise a hand against the Lord's priests. (v.17) They knew that God had ordained them and they didn't want to do anything against God's chosen ones. The king's officials had more passion for God's laws than the King himself did. They risked their lives to do what was right. 3). David invited Abiathar to stay with him under his protection. (v.23) He knew that the priests were killed because of his decisions, so he decided that it would not happen again. He told Abiathar that he would defend is life with his own. David promised him that he would be safe.

PASSION - David sought after God's plan. (v.9-11) He knew that God had led him to Keilah, so when he got in trouble, he went back to God for help. He was completely dependent on God for his direction and he knew that God would take care of him wherever he would go.

1 Samuel 24
Notes on Worship

WORSHIP - God had David hiding in an area known as the Crags of the Wild Goats. (v.2) This must have been a remote place, a place where only wild animals knew the paths and the area. Again, a beautiful area, unknown to man, for David to be safe and enjoy the beauty of God's creation. All around him David would see signs of God's care and attention, increasing his faith.
PASSION - 1). David cut off a corner of Saul's robe, and then regretted it immediately afterward. (v.4-6) He knew that he shouldn't have lifted a hand against Saul, God's chosen leader for that time. David held back from killing Saul and taking the easy way out, but he was still sorry for doing even a little action of aggression against God's king. David wanted to be right with God, and he didn't want to do anything now that would hurt his own leadership later on. David's heart for integrity was what greatly pleased God in choosing him. 2). David allowed God to be the judge of Saul. (v.12) He understood that God was in control and he let God handle it His way. David would have known if God wanted him to attack Saul, as God had told him to attack the Philistines earlier in this campaign. He knew that Saul was God’s responsibility, not his own. We must let God have His way, and not try to make things happen on our own accord. 3). Saul went home, but David and his men went back to the stronghold. (v.22) They had no home to go home to. They had made the stronghold their home. They learned to love the place where God had sent them and now it was their home. When we truly love God with all of our hearts, we will love where he has us, even if it wasn’t in our original plans. 4). David asked Saul if he thought he was pursuing a dead dog. (v.14) This is very similar to the term that Goliath used to threaten David before David destroyed him. David remembered how God had protected him from Goliath and he knew that God would protect him from Saul as well. When we remember what God has done it gives us hope for what God is going to do.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

1 Samuel 20,21 - Notes on Worship

1 Samuel 20
Notes on Worship

PASSION - Jonathan asked God to be with David as He had been with his father, the King. (v.13) He wanted the same blessing for David that his dad had been blessed with in the beginning. He realized that David was in line to be king, and instead of being jealous of something that might have belonged to himself, he accepted God's will and supported it.

1 Samuel 21
Notes on Worship

WORSHIP - David ate the bread of God's presence. (v.6) When David was in need on the run, he ran to a priest and filled himself with God's Presence. Time with God and in worship will always be a place of refuge when we need it.
PASSION - 1). David ran from King Saul and first went to a priest. (v.1) When he ran away the first time, he had gone to Samuel, a prophet. David knew that God was his strength and wasn't afraid to run to Him in times of need. 2). Ahilimech offered David consecrated bread, as long as David and 'his men' had abstained from women. (v.4) He was willing to adjust for the situation, but not compromise his standards. Though David was ready to lie, Ahimilech would not follow suit. He stayed true to his values for God, a good priest indeed.