Thursday, January 30, 2014

1 Samuel 11,12 - Notes on Sin

1 Samuel 11
Notes on Sin

VERSES 12-15
SIN - The people wanted to kill the men who had spoken against King Saul. (v.12,13) Saul wouldn't allow it. Sometimes, we follow major events with moments of weakness. The enemy would love to get us to fail right after we just expected a great victory. The miracle isn't just the great act from God, but our faithfulness following it as well.

1 Samuel 12
Notes on Sin

SIN - 1). The people of Israel forgot about their dependence on God. (v.9) He let their enemies triumph over them because they acted like they didn't need Him anymore. When we try to do things on our own power without God's help, we will heading toward disaster. 2). The people of Israel said no to God. (v.12) God's gift of strong leaders wasn't good enough for them; they wanted a king. Whenever we say no to God, we put ourselves in a position to fail. Saying no to God is as if we are saying no to success. 3). God punished the people because they asked for a King. (v.17,18) He sent a huge storm that destroyed their wheat harvest. The people were not content to do things God's way, so He punished them for being rebellious. 4). Samuel commanded them not to turn away after useless idols. (v.21) In their search for rescue, the people could have succumbed to any possible means for relief. Samuel reminded them that the only true source of salvation is in God and God alone. All other forms of 'help' are only temporary and leave us just as bad as we were before. God is the ultimate Savior, able to help us in every situation. 5). Sin sweeps us away. (v.25) When we continue in sin, it becomes a tidal wave that carries us into confusion and destruction. The persistance of sin only increases our problems and distances us from God.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

1 Samuel 8,10 - Notes on Sin

1 Samuel 8
Notes on Sin

SIN - 1). The people wanted a king. (v.11) Samuel warned them that their sons would work with the chariots, even running in front of them in battle. This would be one of the most dangerous placements in war, being destroyed from the approaching enemy or from the chariots to the rear. Their sons lives would be handled carelessly, because they wanted a king. Their futures would be treated carelessly, by a king. Rather than making them better, in the long run it would make them worse. 2). The people would become like slaves to their king. (v.17) They asked for something that would hurt them in the end. Sometimes, the thing we most want is the thing that can most damage who we are. We must listen to God and allow Him to direct our desires according to His plans, and not our own.

1 Samuel 10
Notes on Sin

SIN - Saul was hiding among the baggage. (v.22) Many of us have a great calling from God, but we aren't doing it because of all the baggage of sin in our lives. We've got to get rid of the things that are holding us back, and pursue God's call on our lives. Stop hiding in the baggage.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

1 Samuel 4,6 - Notes on Sin

1 Samuel 4
Notes on Sin

SIN - 1). The Israelites brought the ark of the covenant to their camp. (v.4) Eli's sons accompanied the ark. God had already pronounced punishment on Eli for the sins of his sons. And yet, here they are carrying the ark into the Israelite camp, which was against God's desires. Eli should have removed them from office, but he didn't. It's easy to see why the Isrealites lost; because they had unchecked sin in their leadership. 2). The Israelites were proud, and felt that no one could touch them. (v.5) They got the ark, the priests, and the excitement, and then got the snot beat out of them. 30,000 died, the ark was gone, and the priests got what they deserved. Pride goes before a fall.

VERSES 12-22
SIN - 1). When the city heard the news of Israel's defeat, they lifted up a loud cry. (v.13) Sin destroys lives and always leaves those affected by it crippled and depressed. When we see the pain and hear the cries of people, we can be sure that sin is close by. 2). Eli heard the news of the defeat, and fell out of his chair. (v.18) It hit him hard and he could no longer contain himself. It was such a tough punishment that even the news of the defeat defeated Eli. Sin always leave death in it's path. 3). The wife of Phinehas went into labor too early. (v.19,20) Her stress brought on the birth pains before their time. The baby would live, but she would die. Once again, God continued to exact his punishment on the house of Eli for its' sins. And sin affects everyone.

1 Samuel 6
Notes on Sin

SIN - The Philistines questioned why they had stolen the Ark in the first place. (v.6) They realized that they should have learned from the other nations who had tried to stand up to God. There pride kept them from learning from others' mistakes. If we don't take heed and do this, we'll be learning from our own, which is much more painful

Thursday, January 9, 2014

1 Samuel 2: Notes on Sin

1 Samuel 2
Notes on Sin

SIN - 1). We must be careful how we speak. (v.3) When we worship, it keeps us humble. Without it, we'll be full of pride and arrogance. A heart of worship will guard the words which come out of our mouths. 2). Only God can save us from our sin. (v.8) God takes the poor and makes them rich. The ash heap represents shame from sin or painful things in our lives. But later we will sit in a place of honor, prestige, and glory. We won’t be in the ash heap of sin and shame forever when we put our hope in the Lord.

VERSES 12-26
SIN - 1). Eli's sons were wicked because the had no regard for the Lord. (v.12) They didn't believe in Him and they didn't respect His authority and wisdom. When people don't understand who God is, they have no reason to resist sin in this world. We have to help them understand God in order to find a motive for holiness. 2). The wicked priests stole from God. (v.15,16) They were supposed to accept a random selection of meat from the boiling container, but they were picking and choosing the best portions of the meat for themselves before it was offered to God. Leaders help others obey God, but are also themselves subject to God's laws and desires. We can't get picky with the gifts that God gives us. We choose God, and whatever He brings into our lives should be sufficient. 3). We can't fool God. (v.25) God knows our hearts. When we sin, He knows if it was intentional or not. All of our true motives are exposed before the Lord.

VERSES 27-36
SIN - God punished the house of Eli for their sins. (v.31-36) He promised to take away their strength and cut short their lives. They would be left with nothing to eat and no jobs to keep them fed. God took away everything He had blessed them with, because they treated His ministry with contempt. We must be careful to honor Him or we could suffer the same fate.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1 Samuel 29-31 - Notes on Worship

1 Samuel 29
Notes on Worship

WORSHIP - The Philistines knew the songs that the ladies sang for David. (v.5) Their worship had reached the people in this faraway land. When we live a life of worship, our songs and our praise will travel much farther than we will ever know. Worship can reach much farther than apathy or silence ever will.
PASSION - 1). David had won the allegiance of the Philistine King. (v.3) He had been there for a year and had lived a great life among them. David’s integrity gave him favor with people he shouldn’t have been close to. When we live our best for God wherever we are, He will open doors for us with opportunities we would never have experienced before. 2). David and his men left at the first light early in the morning. (v.10) They left before they had a chance to think about staying. They left as soon as they could. When we are making things right in our hearts with God, we’ve got to rid ourselves of all compromise immediately. The longer we wait the more we may want to keep it our in lives.

1 Samuel 30
Notes on Worship

PASSION - David asked God if he should go and attack the raiding party who kidnapped his family. (v.8) His family had been taken away and his anger had been aroused, and yet he waited on God to know what to do. Most of us might have immediately ran after the raiding party in vengeance, but David still waited to make sure he did what God wanted. What patience David showed in a time of great stress and turmoil, a quality that would be necessary for a Godly King! We need to learn to be patient and seek God's direction especially in emergencies.

1 Samuel 31
Notes on Worship

WORSHIP - The valiant men of Jabesh Gilead rescued Saul’s body and then fasted for 7 days. (v.11-13) They were sad that their leader and friend had died. So they took time to pray and get alone with God to honor their friend and allow God to help them cope with this difficult situation. It’s appropiate for us to run to God in times of need. We should separate ourselves from all else and lean into God to get a better perspective on our situation and have a good strategy on ‘where to go from here’.
PASSION - The valiant men of Jabesh Gilead risked their lives to defend the honor of their king. (v.11-13) They captured Saul’s body, took it to their home where they burned and buried it, and then fasted for a week. Saul was their king and they were not about to allow the Philistines to humiliate their leader. They considered it worthy to risk their lives for a cause such as this. We need valiant men today who are willing to risk everything to save our leaders from disaster in a world full of trouble. Where are the true armor bearers of this generation?