Thursday, February 27, 2014

1 Samuel 19,20 - Notes on Sin

1 Samuel 19
Notes on Sin

SIN - 1). Even though Saul told his son that he would never attack David again, he did. (v.9,10) He went back on his word and tried to kill David. He couldn't keep to his committment and broke his promise in rage, anger, and jealousy. 2). Though Michal helped David escape, she also had an idol in the house, which she used as a coverup. (v.15,16) The idol is a sign that she wasn't totally committed to God and could cause problems for David down the road. We shouldn't hide things in our lives that give us access to feed our temptations and sin.

1 Samuel 20
Notes on Sin

SIN - Saul was so angry that he threw a spear at his son Jonathan. (v.33) He tried to kill the son who was the hope of carrying on his legacy. In his anger, he almost committed an action that would have completely destroyed his hopes and dreams. When we allow anger to rule our lives, it hurts everyone; us and those around us. Uncontrolled anger destroys dreams.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

1 Samuel 17,18 - Notes on Sin

1 Samuel 17
Notes on Sin

VERSES 1- 58
SIN - 1). Goliath was physically superior and he dressed like a champion. (v.4-7) He was physically imposing, and his armor was huge. He was probably the best fighter from both sides, on the outside. But again, God finds his champions in the heart. David was stronger on the inside, and that's what ultimately counts in the end. 2). Goliath defied the army of Israel. (v.10) He spoke against this nation, and its' God. His pride had moved him from believing that he could defeat any warrior, to believing that he could defeat the whole army. One sin will always lead to another, and another, and.... 3). Goliath came out to tempt the Israelites to war every morning and night for 40 days. (v.16). He was persistant and annoying. The devil will try to make us fall by constantly badgering us with temptations that never seem to tire or end. 4). David compared Goliath to a wild lion or bear. (v.36) He called him an uncircumcised Philistine who had defied God's Army. When we sin against God, it always reduces us to the vilest of creatures without hope for shelter in this world. 5). Goliath ridiculed David and cursed him by his gods. (v.43,44) He declared what he would do to David. He spoke too soon. He should have bragged after he had already won, because we know that he was defeated. We should let our actions speak louder than our words. 6). David hit Goliath on the forehead and killed him. (v.49) Goliath was an incredibly strong man with heavy armor, but David struck him in the one place where he wasn't protected. Goliath overlooked a little area, and it cost him dearly. We must make sure we are completely covered by God in all areas of our lives, because the enemy will try to strike any open target on us that he sees.

1 Samuel 18
Notes on Sin

SIN - 1). Saul threw a spear at David, trying to pin him to the wall. (v.11) He was jealous of David's accolades and wanted him dead. He tried to kill him to destroy the enemy of his own fame. He allowed his attitudes to determine his actions forcing him to sinful measures. We must keep our attitudes in check or they will bring us to the same place of throwing spears. 2). Saul sent David to the battle lines far away from himself. (v.13) He sent him into harms way to possibly destroy him. He moved him to a distance so he wouldn't have to deal with him. Rather than sitting with him and making things right, he tried to ignore it or destroy it. Saul tried to take the easy way out and it didn't work. 3). Saul set a heavy price for David to earn the hand of his daughter. (v.24,25) He told his attendants to tell David that if he brought 100 Philistine foreskins, he'd win Michal for his own. Not only would David have to defeat that many men in battle, but he'd have to perform the gross deed of acquiring the skins. It was a highly dangerous and disgusting task, and Saul did it only hoping David would fail and die. His motives were completely evil and wrong.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

1 Samuel 15,16 - Notes on Sin

1 Samuel 15
Notes on Sin

SIN - Rebellion is like divination, and arrogance is like idolatry. (v.23) When we rebel against God, we are trying to find happiness through other means, which is similar to those in that time period who would try to use magic to gain influence. When we are arrogant, in a sense, we are worshipping ourselves, which is idolatry before God. These attitudes of the hearts are major sins against God.

1 Samuel 16
Notes on Sin

SIN - God rejected Eliab. (v.7) He looked good on the outside, but God was concerned with what was on the inside. Apparently, God didn't like what He saw inside. Sin can destroy us on the outside over time, but it immediately destroys in God's eyes on the inside.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

1 Samuel 13 and 14 - Notes on Sin

1 Samuel 13
Notes on Sin

SIN - 1). God told Saul that He would take the Kingdom from him and hand it to someone else. (v.14) This must have hit Saul like a bomb. His greatest moment was followed by his worst moment. Sin is always ready to bring us down from the lofty heights we experience in our lives. 2). The people of Israel were losing faith in King Saul. (v.15) He started this chapter with 3,000 men, but now he only had 600, just 20%. When we don't obey God, we stand the chance of losing everything and only being a shell of what we once were.

VERSES 16-23
SIN - 1). Somehow the Philistines had raided blacksmiths in Israel and kept them from making weapons. (v.19) There must have been Philistine spies among the Israelites. Even in churches today, there are good people who seem to love God but are really living for the devil and carrying out his schemes. We shouldn't exile them immediately, but we must make sure that they don't spread evil actions among the body. 2). The Israelites went to the Philistines to prepare for battle. (v.20) The enemy wanted them to be dependent upon them. The devil will try to get God's people addicted to sins so they become dependent on him as well. 3). The Philistines charged the Israelites a steep price for help. (v.21) Not only did they force their loyalty, but they also robbed them as well. The enemy will try to destroy us in every way, and especially with money in our culture today.

1 Samuel 13
Notes on Sin

VERSES 15-23
SIN - The Philistines were so confused in fear that they started to destroy each other. (v.20) Because of the panic, each man thought only of himself. When we don't do things God's way, we become selfish and destroy the people who are supposed to be our teammates. Sin will always lead us to hurt ourselves and others.

VERSES 24-48
SIN - When the army entered the woods, there was honey over all the ground. (v.25) The honey miraculously appeared when they weren't supposed to have any. It's just like the devil to tempt us with the very things that we desire and want the most, but can't have. It should be no surprise that we are tempted with things we greatly desire at just the right time.