Thursday, March 27, 2014

1 Samuel 29, 30 - Notes on Sin

1 Samuel 29
Notes on Sin

SIN - The leaders knew that David could win Saul’s loyalty again just as he had won Achish’s loyalty already. (v.4) David could use his abilities to go either way. We all can be great for God or great for the devil, which side will we choose?

1 Samuel 30
Notes on Sin

SIN - While David was trying to help King Achish in war, the Amalekites came to his hometown and destroyed it, kidnapping their wives and children. (v.1,2) The devil will try to get at us while we aren’t looking. He surprised David and gained the advantage. We must always assume the enemy has a plan and is working behind the scenes to destroy us, even if it's not obvious.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

1 Samuel 25 and 28 - Notes on Sin

1 Samuel 25
Notes on Sin

SIN - Saul took David’s wife Michal, who also was his daughter, and gave her away to a different man in marriage. (v.44) Saul wanted to destroy David; so to hurt him even, he took away his wife and destroyed their marriage. We saw signs of how Michal cared for David in how she helped him escape Saul initially. It must have been difficult to wait for David, and even more difficult to be forced into a different marriage, just to spite him. Saul was doing all that he could within his own power to hurt David. And in turn, he hurt his own daughter as well. When we are bent on revenge, we will hurt everyone around us in the process.

1 Samuel 28
Notes on Sin

SIN - 1). David had been living with the Philistines for about 18 months, when Achish came to him expecting him to help fight against Israel. (v.1) David was secretly attacking Philistine villages without letting Achish know what he was doing. With this request he wouldn't be able to hide anymore. He could only live amongst the Philistines and stay true to his country for so long. When we are constantly surrounded by sin, we will always come to a point where we have to stand out in order to stay true to our convictions. 2). Saul inquired of the Lord but the Lord didn’t answer him. (v.6) When he was in trouble, he ran to God. But God had already given him many chances and had denied to do it anymore. Saul had already moved out of God’s grace but he didn’t realize it. He wanted the benefit of God’s help without doing things God’s way. 3). Saul sought after a medium. (v.7) He had gone to God but nothing happened. So he went back to a form of insight that he had previously expelled from the land, mentioned in verse three. Saul went back to a bad thing which he had already escaped in his life. When going through difficult times, we need to press on and stay true to God and not revolt back to the sins of our past. 4). When the medium saw Samuel, she realized that her customer was none other than King Saul himself. (v.9) She screamed in fear for her life. She knew that she wasn’t supposed to do this type of behavior, and she might have assumed Saul was acting undercover to expose her and destroy her. She was caught and pleaded for mercy. She became frantic when she knew that she might be in trouble. Unfortunately, most people won’t change until they realize that they will be punished if they don’t. Change like that usually won’t last anyway. 5). Saul called Samuel out of his rest because God wouldn’t answer him anymore and he didn’t know what to do. (v.15) He thought that Samuel could show him the way back to God. He didn’t realize that Samuel was just God’s messenger. If God had betrayed Saul there was nothing Samuel could do to help him. Many people confuse the message with the messenger, which is a mistake.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

1 Samuel 23,24 - Notes on Sin

1 Samuel 23
Notes on Sin

SIN - Saul asked God to bless the Ziphites for helping him try to catch David. (v.21) He said this to them as if he had any right to ask God for blessing on others. Saul was going completely against God's will and trying to make his own plans succeed. He was not in any condition to call down God's blessings on others. God wasn't about to bless anyone who would try to hurt His champion David. Sometimes, we think we're right with God and in His favor when in fact we are not.

1 Samuel 24
Notes on Sin

SIN - 1). David asked Saul why he was listening to the men who said he was trying to hurt the king. (v.9) Saul was trying to kill David and he assumed that David felt the same about him. If Saul would have asked David, he would have known that David never desired to do such a thing. David went to King Saul immediately to deal with his issue, yet King Saul constantly pursued David to kill him without ever trying to work it out with him personally, In disagreements, the proper thing to do is address it personally and immediately, not giving it time to fester and cause us to make bad decisions. 2). David quoted a saying that evildoers do evil deeds. (v.13) This is not a Biblical reference, but a true statement nonetheless. David chose to be holy and stay away from evil actions. When we commit sins, we become sinners in every way, completely guilty and in need of a merciful Savior.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

1 Sam 21,22 - Notes on Sin

1 Samuel 21
Notes on Sin

SIN - 1). David lied to the priest. (v.2) He told the priest he had been sent by the King and he had men on their way to meet him elsewhere. We can assume that he saw the priests concern and decided to abandon his morals just in case. Being on the run may have lessoned his faith in God and apparently he began to rely on his own ways instead of God's. 2). David lied again. (v.5) Ahilimech asked if he and his men had kept pure, in order to eat the consecrated bread. David had a chance to come clean, especially after observing Ahimilech's passion for purity. Instead, he lied to protect his other lie. One lie will always lead to another, and then another, and then another, etc.. 3). Achish called David insane. (v.14) David's actions caused this king to scorn God's champion. The king could make fun of God and His people because of David's poor actions. When we act like something we are not, we help people look down upon God. We should always strive to represent God well.

1 Samuel 22
Notes on Sin

SIN - 1). Saul was sitting by the tamarisk tree on the hill at Gibeah with his spear in his hand. (v.6) He had thrown spears at Jonathan and David trying to kill them. Now, he still has the spear ready to murder again. His rage has completely consumed him now and he will stop at nothing short of murder. Apparently, he daydreams about it all day long. The longer we mess with sin, the more it starts to control who we are. 2). The King refused to listen to Ahimilech's answer. (v.16,17) Saul ordered his men to kill the priest and his family, even though he had admitted his innocence. The King was so intent on punishing David that he took out his anger on these innocent men. The King had accused them of doing wrong, but he himself did wrong by refusing to show mercy when it was deserved. The King trusted his head shepherd over a priest of God because he had said what he wanted to hear. When we are led by sinful ways, we will go against the truth. 3). Doeg obeyed his king and killed the priests. (v.18,19) He destroyed the entire family of priests, 85 men altogether. But then, he took it even further, and he destroyed the entire city of Nob, people and animals alike. He erupted in a storm of rage and murdered everyone and everything in sight, all for an apparent desire to be elevated in the eyes of the King. Earlier we had seen him in Nob, probably enjoying the ministry of the priests, and now he put them all to death. Ambition can be a horrible thing when it drives us to run over people in pursuit of our personal dreams.