Friday, September 26, 2014

Exodus 2 - Notes on Sin

Exodus 2
Notes on Sin

VERSES 11-25
SIN - 1). Moses committed murder. (v.12) He looked both ways to make sure it was clear, and then went about with the evil deed. He tried to hide it so that no one would know. Whenever we have to look both ways to make sure nobody knows what we are doing, we must ask ourselves if we should really be doing it in the first place. 2). Pharaoh tried to kill Moses because he had killed an Egyptian. (v.15) It was against the law to do that to a fellow countryman but Pharaoh probably knew that Moses was an actual Hebrew. Moses was in trouble and had to run to save his life. When we sin it will leave us fearful, running, and in trouble. Stay away from sin to stay away from trouble in this life. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ephesians 2: Notes on Worship

Ephesians 2
Notes on Worship

WORSHIP - We are God's workmanship. (v.10) We are His creation, and the masterpiece of all that He made. When we worship, we can look at what God has done in us for inspiration. Instead of gratifying our sinful natures, we can enjoy the good things God has done through us and worship Him. We pride ourselves in the God who created us the way we are. When we do great things, let us boast in our God.

VERSES 11-22
WORSHIP - 1). Paul encouraged the Gentiles to remember who they used to be. (v.11) It's important for us to remember what God has brought us out of. When we remember, we recognize God's grace and keep a fresh heart of worship. It shouldn’t make us regret the past but rather appreciate our future and stay humble. 2). We have access to God through His Spirit. (v.22) Jesus left the Holy Spirit with us to keep the connection between us strong. With the Spirit of God in our lives, we have a direct link to Jesus anytime, anywhere, near or far. The same Spirit that empowered Jesus empowers us still.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2 Timothy 2: Notes on God's Plan

2 Timothy 2
Notes on God's Plan

GOD’S PLAN - 1). Paul states his Gospel, simple and true. (v.8) He mentions Jesus as the Christ, risen from the dead and descended from David. These are important facts because they are all predicted in the Old Testament and they all show his divinity as both God and man. Jesus is the perfect solution for our sinful problem in this world, the only hope we have of escaping hell and enjoying heaven with Him for eternity. 2). God will use us to help spread salvation to people everywhere. (v.10) Sometimes, we will enjoy the journey and other times it will be very hard and uncomfortable. Either way, God will get his Gospel around the world and chooses to use us to do it. Throughout history, some of the greatest times of revival were sown in some of the toughest times of persecution for God’s saints. 3). Paul states a verse to remember that shows how God responds to us. (v.11-13) He loves and cares for us but also trusts us to accept Him on our own terms. If we die with him and endure, we’ll reign with Him forever. If we disown Him, He’ll allow us to do so. But if we run out of faith, He will still faithful and do all He can to help woo us back to Him. Though we are imperfect, God will stay true to Himself and give us every possible chance to be with Him. 4). Two of Timothy’s associates were falsely teaching that the final resurrection had already occurred. (v.18) God has a plan to take us all to be with Him in the last days and He’s given us signs that point to this event. Ultimately, we can’t assume we can know exactly when this will occur, and no one should be teaching that way. We can point to the time, have hope for the great moment,  and then trust God to do it the right way.

VERSES 14-26
GOD’S PLAN - Repentance leads to the knowledge of truth. (v.25) A change of thinking begins with a heart change. Once we admit our sins and ask for forgiveness it can start the pathway to better behavior and results in our lives. If we want others to live in truth, we can’t shove the truth down their throats. We must help lead them to repentance first.