Thursday, April 30, 2015

2 Samuel 6 - Notes on Leadership

2 Samuel 6
Notes on Leadership

LEADERSHIP - 1). David gathered together 30,000 chosen men to help him carry the Ark of the Covenant back to Jerusalem where it belonged. (v.1) He must have had a great system of leaders in place to locate these chosen men, men of good standing, leadership, and honor. David had a large group of people following him and loyal to him. His network was strong and his group was large because he was a great leader. 2). Uzzah and Ahio guided the cart with the Ark of the Covenant. (v.3) They were Abinadab’s sons and they had cared for the Ark while it was left and forgotten at their home. David honored them by allowing them to continue taking care of the Ark on it’s trip to Jerusalem, in front of the entire nation. God honored them in public for their faithfulness in secret. 3). David and the whole nation worshipped God with all their might on the journey. (v.5) The whole nation followed their leader in worship. If we want our people to worship and love God, or do anything in honor of God, we must lead the way and do it first. They will follow our lead. The nation worshipped because David was their worship leader. 4). David led the procession into Jerusalem, and the entire nation worshipped with shouts and instruments. (v.14) David led the way. He wasn’t in the back waiting to get up and give a speech, he led the worship of God. Leaders should always lead the way in whatever they do.

VERSES 16-23
LEADERSHIP - 1). David blessed the people. (v.18) He honored them for their worship of God. When we see our people doing things right, we need to compliment and reward them, blessing them for their obedience and growth. When David blessed them, it made them want to worship even more. 2). David blessed the people after he sacrificed his final burnt offerings to God. (v.18) Because he put God first, it increased the value of his blessing to the people. They knew they were being blessed by someone who was right with God. When we follow God with all of our hearts, people will want to follow us even more. 3). David went to bless his family, and Michal came out to scorn him. (v.20) She ruined the blessing because of her attitude. It must have crushed David to know that he sent everyone home to bless their families, and yet he was unable to do so. He had led the nation in worship, but he couldn’t lead his family in worship as well because of her attitude. We don’t want to win the world and lose our families. We must do all that God tells us to do, but our families will always be a part of that call as well. Sometimes, as leaders, we will be successful in public, but struggle in private. We must do all we can to make the two match up for the Glory of God. 4). David worshipped the One who was responsible for his leadership position. (v.21) He knew that no man had put him where he was, it was an act of God. So David worshipped the One who made him who he was. We are leaders only because God saw fit to make us that way, and we always should remain loyal to Him.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

1 Timothy 1: Notes on Attitude

1 Timothy 1
Notes on Attitude

ATTITUDE - 1). Paul stated boldly who he was. (v.1) He knew what God had made him to be. He was an apostle, by the command of God through Jesus. This gave him the authority to minister to Timothy and shepherd him as a pastor for God’s people. Paul stood on the authority that God had given him. It was who he was. We should be who God made us to be, unashamedly. 2). Paul gives us certain qualities that exemplify love in our lives. (v.5) First is a pure heart, the absense of sin and evil. Second is a good conscience, being confident in who we are and what we do. Finally, we have a sincere faith, no hidden motives or alternate purposes. Without all three, something is wrong. All three will be apparent when true love is in play. 3). These false teachers had hidden motives. (v.6,7) They wanted to be leaders, but they didn’t have their theology right. They wandered from the truth because of a prideful desire to be up front, partnered with the selfish desire to avoid the hard work involved. These are two bad attitudes found often with bad leaders; be careful to avoid them at all cost.

VERSES 12-20
ATTITUDE - 1). Paul never forgot who he used to be. (v.13) He reminded Timothy that he used to be a sinful man. He blasphemed God, offending the Almighty. He persecuted Christians, offending God even further. All this because he was a violent man, completely contrary to God and His ways; he was a true enemy of the faith. And yet, God still gave him a chance. Paul was humble because he knew the great mercy of God in his life. In pride, we do it; in humility, God does it through us. 2). Paul admitted to being the worst sinner. (v.15,16) He wasn’t trying to pridefully exalt himself in an argument of who was the most evil. He was helping Timothy understand that God can save anyone. Paul knew he who was, and he knew that God still chose to use him in powerful ways. Paul was setting himself up as an example of how God makes no exceptions when choosing who to reach. Paul doesn’t think too low of himself; he sees himself as a redeemed sinner because of God’s grace. We have nothing to be proud of in ourselves; only in God can we do anything right. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

1 Thessalonians 1: Notes on Relationships

1 Thessalonians 1
Notes on Relationships

RELATIONSHIPS - 1). Paul mentioned Silas and Timothy along with himself.(v.1) It’s not all about him. He had a team concept. He was giving power to their future ministries by naming them with himself. He had accountability in his life. He couldn’t do it all on his own. Later in this chapter it says ‘we’, ‘our’, and ‘us’ at least 12 different times. We need to learn how to minister as a team. 2). Paul mentioned them in his prayers. (v.2) One way to show someone how much we love them is to mention them in our prayers. We need to thank God for the people in our life. We’ll treat them better when we constantly mention them to God. 3). Their faith in God became known everywhere. (v.8) People were talking about them and spreading the news of their faith far and wide. We should strive to live lives that other people will talk about and want to inspire to be like someday. And we should also be talking about those we admire for their strong faith in God.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

1 Samuel 6: Notes on Sin

1 Samuel 6
Notes on Sin

SIN - The Philistines questioned why they had stolen the Ark in the first place. (v.6) They realized that they should have learned from the other nations who had tried to stand up to God. We need to learn from others' mistakes. Otherwise, they will be learning from ours.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

1 Corinthians 5: Notes on Worship

1 Corinthians 5
Notes on Worship

WORSHIP - Paul encouraged them to celebrate the Passover the right way. (v.8) In the past, a lack of integrity may have been the norm. But we need to break from that pattern and live pure lives. When we do, our celebration and worship will be so much more effective and personal.