Thursday, August 25, 2016

Matthew 14: Notes on Family

Matthew 14
Notes on Family

FAMILY – Herod’s family life was horrible. (v.3,6)  Herodias’ daughter grew up in a tragic circumstance. Her mom was living with her husband’s brother. Then she danced for the pleasure of her uncle. Finally, her mother made her carry a platter with a dead man’s head on it to Herod. Just imagine how this girl’s life carried on after these horrible things. Just imagine the terrifying nightmares. We must strive to keep our family together in a holy environment, protecting their futures.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Joshua 14: Notes on Sin

Joshua 14
Notes on Sin

SIN - Hebron used to be called Kiriath Arba, in honor of its’ most impressive man, Arba. (v.15) No one remembers that name anymore, it is simply known as Hebron, because Caleb came in under God’s power and defeated the Anakites and Arba. He was a great man that was forgotten because he was fighting for the wrong side. Even if we are very talented and respected by others, without God our accomplishments won’t stand the test of time.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Exodus 14: Notes on Worship and Passion for God

Exodus 14
Notes on Worship and Passion for God

PASSION - 1). The Hebrews were marching out boldly. (v.8) They were tasting freedom for the first time. They were courageous after seeing how God fought for them in Egypt. They were full of hope for a future outside of slavery and a home in the Promised Land. They had no reason to cower in fear, but rather, walk out in boldness. When we remember who we are in God, we have no reason to fear either. 2). God told Moses to stretch out his hand over the sea to move the waters back into place and drowning the Egpytians in the process. (v.26,27) Though Moses has gone through intense trials during the deliverance process, he still remembers the Egpytians as the family of his youth. Many of them were friends, associates, and almost family members from his past. To stretch out his hand this time, he would be moving forward with God’s will for His life, while leaving his past behind in a painful way. Sometimes, following God’s plan for us involves the sacrifice of treasured people and things in our lives. Just as Moses immediately responded to God’s desire, we should be willing to forego all else to pursue His dream for us.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Ephesians 4: Notes on God's Plan

Ephesians 4
Notes on God's Plan

GOD'S PLAN - 1). He has called us to live a life for Him. (v.1) The calling is great, so our lives should be worthy of it. Everyday we should try to live our lives worthy of the calling we have. 2). God has called us to be humble and gentle as we live out our callings for Him. (v.2) The best way for us to achieve all that God has for us is to remember that our power comes through Him. The moment we begin to place our trust in our own abilities and giftings, we’ll drift from that divine calling on our lives. Humility is the pathway of the miraculous. God will intervene when we don’t try to stand up and get in the way. 3). God has called us to ONE hope in Him. (v.4-6) Sometimes, we try to divide it out into different types of religions, denominations, etc., but God makes it clear that we are one body, serving one God, one Son, one Spirit, in one hope, one baptism, and one faith. There is only one way to heaven, the hope to which we are called. We, as Christians, need to learn to live as one. 4). God gave leaders to His church. (v.11-13) These are great memory verses which help us realize His plan to help His people be prepared to do great things for Him and be unified in their faith. All 5 of these offices (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers) are important to get the job done. 5). God sends His leaders to keep his people from being led astray by false teaching. (v.14) He wants us to learn from those who He has put over us, so that we don't become tainted in our beliefs.

VERSES 17-32
GOD'S PLAN - 1). Paul outlines a 3 step process for growth in Christ. (v.22-24) First, we must put off our old man with it's false desires. Second, we must be made new by the power of God. Finally, we must put on the new self, by making things right. God will make us new, but we must commit ourselves to daily living according to His ways. We work together towards righteousness. 2). We are all members of one body. (v.25) Paul is encouraging them to treat other right and be honest, because we are on the same team. We have to trust each other to function at full capacity for God’s purposes. 3). Those who steal must stop. (v.28) Instead, they must work hard so that they can provide for their own needs, but also so they can share with others in need. Not only should they get to a place where they can take care of themselves, but also to get to a point where they can help others who are in the same situation that they used to be in. Those who used to steal will help those who struggle with stealing. 4). God gives us the Holy Spirit which seals our fate in redemption when God rescues us in the end. (v.30) It’s a deposit of heaven in our souls, a piece of eternity in our lives. When the Holy Spirit dwells inside, it ensures our future with God forever.