Thursday, November 24, 2016

1 Corinthians 1: Notes on Sin

1 Corinthians 1
Notes on Sin

SIN - God will prepare us to be blameless on the day that Jesus returns. (v.8) That is the day we are looking for and heading toward. It is a day of judgement, so our goal is to be holy. Only God can help us achieve the blameless result that we long for. We must rely upon Him to stay away from sin in our lives.

VERSES 10-17
SIN - There were four different divisions within the people of Corinth. (v.12) It all gathered around who they declared as their personal leader. They didn’t see themselves as following Jesus as much as following the messenger. They mistook the leader for the savior. When we get our eyes on men, we will always fall into sin. When we keep our thoughts on God, we will stray from fights and divisions. It really doesn’t matter which leader we ascribe to, as long as we ascribe to Jesus and to God above all.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Matthew 15: Notes on Worship and Passion

Matthew 15
Notes on Worship and Passion

WORSHIP – True worship comes from the heart. (v.8,9) When your heart is not at peace with God, your teachings, worship, words, and actions are in vain. God wants our hearts first, then everything else will fall into place.

VERSES 21-28
PASSION – 1). The Canaanite woman noticed that Jesus was the Son of David, a title given to the Messiah. (v.22) This was a sign of her great faith. She recognized who He was and accepted that as truth. 2). The woman pushed her way forward and knelt before him. (v.25) Although he’d once been quiet, and once refused her, she still pressed on. It shows her persistance, and her urgent desire to see her daughter. When not going anywhere with God, just keep pressing on. Keep praying, don’t give up.

VERSES 29-39
WORSHIP – 1). Jesus first walked beside the sea, and then He went up on a mountain. (v.29) What a beautiful setting that Jesus was able to live and minister in. We know He thoroughly enjoyed it, as the Maker and Creator of all these beautiful things. Let’s appreciate the beauty of God’s nature, and worship Him for it. 2). The people were amazed at His abilities. (v.31) They praised Him because He was so amazing. Once the people in our world today see who God really is, they will be praising as well.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Joshua 15: Notes on God's Character

Joshua 15
Notes on God's Character

GOD’S CHARACTER - 1). Caleb gave his daughter the upper and lower springs to add to her possession of land. (v.18,19) He didn’t just give her land, but he provided the water as a means to cultivate it and cause growth. God will be a good Father to us in the same way, giving us the land and the means to help it grow and succeed in all He wants us to do. 2). Judah was given territory that extended through areas giving them 113 towns and cities. (v.21-61) This is an immense amount of property and it’s amazing that God empowered this wandering group of former slaves to become the leaders of such a large area of land. God can take very little and make something very great out of it. 3). There were several towns listed in most areas but only a few in the wilderness. (v.61,62) God didn’t leave the small rural areas out of it, but specifically targeted them for his people as well. God cares about the cities and the country, and never forgets the people that the rest of the world may have forgotten already.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Exodus 15: Notes on Leadership

Exodus 15
Notes on Leadership

LEADERSHIP - 1). God destroyed the best of Pharaoh’s officers in the Red Sea. (v.4) Pharaoh must have been known as a powerful leader with many capable warriors under him. Moses sang of how God set them free from these warrior leaders. Every leader is subject to God’s plans; there are no leaders greater than our God. If you want to defeat the enemy, you must address his strong leaders in the process. 2). We are being led by God. (v.13) No matter what level of leadership we find ourselves in, we always have another leader over us that we look to. God is the ultimate leader of us all. We will be better leaders if we keep our eyes fixes on our leader and imitate his leadership to those that we serve. 3). God will plant His people on His mountain where they belong. (v.16,17) They have to go through difficult areas before they arrive, but God will help them pass that route. The evil around them won’t be able to stop them. He will plant them, so that they will remain in His care. They will dwell in His sanctuary forever. When God is in control of our lives, we will be planted in the center of His will; the safest place to be.

VERSES 22-27
LEADERSHIP - 1). The Israelites were led by Moses into the Desert of Shur. (v.22) It may have had a name that sounded like ‘sure’ but it wasn’t a sure thing. Moses just finished a wonderful experience at the Red Sea, but he had to quickly lead them into a tough environment. Great victories are often followed by difficult circumstances. It’s important to trust God and our leaders in both the good and the bad times. And once we’ve experienced victory, we need to gear ourselves up for the eventual challenge down the road. 2). The people grumbled against Moses. (v.24) They immediately looked to their leader and complained when things got tough. They knew that God had delivered them from Egypt, but then when they struggled they pointed fingers to their leader as if it was his fault. As leaders, we will bear the load of people’s feelings, whether good or bad. We must remember that we serve under God and everything is His responsibility through us. 3). The people complained to Moses and then Moses cried out to the Lord. (v.24,25) When the people came to him for help, he immediately went to the Lord. He knew that he didn’t have the answer himself. He knew that God was really in charge, so He went to Him for guidance. We must always remember that we are God’s leaders and we do what He tells us to do.