Thursday, December 1, 2016

1 John 1: Notes on Relationships

1 John 1
Notes on Relationships

RELATIONSHIPS - John and the fellow disciples wanted others to join their team. (v.3) They proclaimed their message to others not just for their sake to receive eternal life, but also so they could add friends and brothers and sisters to the family of God. We should always reach out to others for their sake and for ours. 

RELATIONSHIPS - We have fellowship with one another when we are cleansed from our sin by the blood of Jesus. (v.7) The thing that unifies us is that we were spared by Jesus. We’ve tasted of His grace and mercy. We don’t hold things against each other and think of ourselves as better than someone else because all of us needed His blood just like everyone else. The forgiveness of our sins should help us stay unified as the Body of Christ.

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