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1 Kings 15: Notes on Family

1 Kings 15
Notes on Family

FAMILY – Abijah followed in his father's footsteps. (v.3) He did evil and fought with Jeroboam, just like his dad. This shows the immense influence a father has on his son, an underlying theme to the books of Kings. 

FAMILY - 1). Asa did right before God, just like his father David. (v.11) Obviously, David wasn’t his biological father; we know that he was a distant grandfather. But he is called David’s father here because Asa resembled him more than he resembled his own dad. We become a son to those that we emulate and aspire to be like, we father those that we teach to live as we have. 2). Maakah was Asa’s grandmother. (v.10,13) She had also been mentioned as Asa’s father’s mother earlier in the chapter. She must have been a leader of great influence having been mentioned twice in the annals of the kings. We also know that she led the people in idolatry, and in order for Asa to do right before God he had to oppose her. Our families are gifts from God, so when they begin to oppose Him we must deny them for His sake. God first, and then our families, not the other way around. 3). King Asa asked for a treaty with Ben-Hadad, as his father had developed earlier in history. (v.19) He followed his father’s lead to continue to strategically develop this important relationship. His dad wasn’t a Godly Father, but he still made some good business decisions that helped Asa in his reign. Even in situations where our families aren’t Christians, we can still learn from them important lessons for life that don’t contradict God and His plans for us.

VERSES 25-34
FAMILY – 1). Nadab was evil, just like his father. (v.26) This is a theme we see throughout the book; whether good or bad, the father’s passed on their ways to their sons. The significant instances are those in which the kings broke the process. Nadab wasn’t one of them, and his reign was short, only 2 years. 2). Baasha not only killed Nadab, but the entire family line of Jeroboam as well. (v.29) God had predicted this would occur and Baasha carried it out. Jeroboam’s sins came back on his family and it destroyed them all. When we sin, we hurt ourselves and the ones we love the most. Sin not only destroys individuals, but families as well.

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