Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ephesians 2: Notes on Relationships

Ephesians 2
Notes on Relationships

RELATIONSHIPS - We all lived among sinners at one time. (v.3) Every Christian has been a full time sinner at some point in their life. We all have that in common, a unity in our experience, that brings us closer together in our pursuit of Jesus. We all know what it feels like, in some way, to be apart from God.

VERSES 11-22
RELATIONSHIPS - 1). Jesus destroyed the division between Jews and Gentiles. (v.14,15) He abolished the law through His death on the cross. God doesn't want His people to be divided. Through Jesus, we can find unity regardless of our differences. 2). We have access to God with our fellow Christians. (v.18) We can come to God on our own as well, but it is special when we come to Him together. We should prioritize times of prayer and worship with other believers. The Spirit of God unites us as one. 3). As Christians, we are growing together. (v.21) God is building us up into a holy temple for His presence. We need to work together to stay holy and pure in this evil world. As a holy church, we will shine brightly for God. We need each other to stay strong.

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