Thursday, February 2, 2017

Exodus 16: Notes on Attitude

Exodus 16
Notes on Attitudes

ATTITUDE - 1). The people grumbled against Moses and Aaron in the desert. (v.2,3) They said they wished they had been left to die in Egypt, where they sat around eating everything they wanted. According to earlier reports, this isn’t accurate, but desperation has made them exaggerate their past predicaments. They had been out roughly 45 days with hardly and food and water so they’ve reached a breaking point. A physical need drove them to give up. Often, when we choose a bad attitude, we bend the facts to try and excuse our behavior. Whenever we find ourselves twisting the truth, we must know we are headed in the wrong direction. 2). God asked them to get enough food on the 6th day to cover two days so they could rest on the Sabbath. (v.5) He wanted them to plan ahead so they could rest. Also, when they arrived back after the Sabbath, they wouldn’t have any work they needed to catch up on. God likes for us to plan ahead and work hard rather than putting things off and getting to them later. 3). Moses was angry with the people that tried to keep more than they should. (v.20) Though he was the leader, he still got mad. He was frustrated when they deliberately disobeyed his commands. It’s natural for us to be unhappy when people frustrate us, but we musn’t let it dictate our decisions. 4). The people called the food from heaven ‘manna’. (v.31) The word doesn’t translate directly to Hebrew, but sounds very similar to the word meaning, ‘what is it?’ The people were surprised by this act, and confused. Rather than give it a joyous name, the name even carries a sense of question and concern. They were struggling to trust God even after all that He had done for them because they were dealing with difficulties and change. 

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