Thursday, February 9, 2017

Joshua 17: Notes on Leadership

Joshua 17
Notes on Leadership

LEADERSHIP - 1). Joseph’s grandson Makir was known for developing great soldiers. (v.1) They received Gilead and Bashir because of their reputation as strong warriors. Joseph had been the son that was discarded by his brothers and had to fight for himself in Egypt. God did great things through him, even saving his whole family. He had to develop him as a fighter to get the job done, and he handed it down to his family through the generations. The challenges that we face are making us strong for God so we can accomplish His purposes and then pass it on to those who follow in our footsteps. 2). When one of Manasseh’s relatives only had daughters, they went to Eleazer the priest, along with Joshua and the other leaders. (v.3,4) When they had an issue they went to the leaders to ask for help, and the leaders responded accordingly. Leaders need to be available to help their people when they are in need. 3). Joshua told the tribes of Joseph that if they were so abundant and blessed they needed to go into the forest wilderness and claim more land for themselves. (v.15) He allowed them an opportunity rather than solving the issue for them. Leaders look for ways to help people be involved in the process, rather than just taking care of it all on their own. 4). Joshua held his ground with the tribes of Joseph and encouraged them. (v.17,18) He told them that they were large and prosperous, and he believed they could get the job done. Rather then giving in and letting them get what they wanted, or becoming angry at them for their bad attitudes, he simply encouraged them to keep trying and provided the opportunity to succeed.

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