Thursday, February 16, 2017

Matthew 17: Notes on God's Character

Matthew 17
Notes on God's Character

GOD’S CHARACTER – 1). Jesus shined like the sun. (v.2) We serve a tremendous, supernatural, all-powerful God. He appeared in radiant splendor, talking with some of the greatest historical figures of all time. Men, who had died in their physical bodies on this earth, but were now alive in abundant life in heaven. 2). The disciples bowed down with their faces to the ground in fear. (v.6,7) This is similar to when Peter, who had been walking on water, started drowning in fear. But Jesus, once again in his physical earthly state, touched them and calmed them. This is just another example of how He calms our fears, and we don’t need to be afraid with Jesus on our side.

VERSES 14-23
GOD’S CHARACTER –Jesus exercised His authority over demonic forces and drove the demon out of the child. (v.18) He rebuked it, and the demon listened to Him and obeyed. Our God is greater than all things, and He has power over everything, including demonic forces in the spiritual realms.

VERSES 24-27
GOD’S CHARACTER – 1). Jesus immediately spoke to Peter when he entered the house. (v.25) He knew the situation. Nothing happens to His disciples without Jesus knowing about it. He keeps a good watch over His people. 2). Jesus’ reply indicated that He was the reason for the temple, and His disciples were the real workers. (v.25) Many times, He even referred to His body as the temple. They could’ve been exempt from it in that sense, but He paid it to show that He was just and abided by the rules. He is a righteous God. 3). God did a miracle for Peter’s eyes only. (v.27) A common trade to Peter in fishing held a supernatural blessing. God meets the physical need of the tax, and the spiritual needs of showing Peter His power over all things. He meets the needs.

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