Thursday, March 2, 2017

1 John 2: Notes on Worship and Passion for God

1 John 2
Notes on Worship and Passion for God

WORSHIP - When we live for God, we can start to learn more about God by even observing the change in our own lives. (v.8) We become a reflection of the truth of God when His light shines through us. We are not the power of God, but we carry it as vessels of His Glory. Often the truth we learn is taught to us, but then caught by us when we begin to see its fruit in our lives.

VERSES 12-14
WORSHIP - 1). This small passage appears to be a poem or a song. (v.12-14) It looks like John got creative and included this lyric with his letter. He was known as the disciple that Jesus loved, so it shouldn’t surprise us that he included a bit of a worship with his message. When we love Jesus, truly love Him, it will pour out of us in worship in all that we do. 2). When the Word of God lives in us it makes us strong. (v.14) John called out the young men as strong because of the Word of God inside of them. We should dive into the Word daily to give us strength, not only for the day ahead but for every moment in our lives.
PASSION - 1). Our fathers should know who God is from the beginning. (v.13) They have more life experience and know who God was before we were born. Fathers, in this sense, refers to the elders overseeing the church. Those that have gone on before have the wisdom of experience with God from the beginning. That wisdom, which has guided them through the years, should guide the rest of us through them as well. 2). John wrote to young men because they had overcome the evil one. (v.13) The idea here is that he is speaking to those young in life and in the faith. They are positioned to battle for God and defeat the enemy, taking risks for the Kingdom. They can go to the front lines of the battle and should do so to experience the adventure that they desire because of their God-given dreams. 3). Again, John compliments the passion of the young men. (v.14) He calls them strong, full of the Word of God, and overcomers. We shouldn’t look down on young Christians, they are a great source of passion and evangelism in the church today.

VERSES 15-17
PASSION - Our love should be for God and not for things in this world. (v.15) The true battle in all of our lives is the tug between God and the world. We live in the world and are constantly surrounded by people who are consumed by it. But God is the author of all creation and to know Him we have to go a little deeper. But if we must express passion for anything, we must make sure it is centered in God and nothing else.

VERSES 18-27
PASSION - We are tasked with ensuring that the truth’s we heard in the beginning remain in us until the end. (v.24) We must hold onto it, rehearse it often, and make efforts to live according to it everyday. God planned for our faith to be eternal, so while we live in this temporary world, we must hold onto it as an anchor for our soul.

VERSES 28-29
PASSION - 1). We are encouraged by John to continue in God. (v.28) We wouldn’t be encouraged this way if it wasn’t possible for us not to continue. We can decide while on this earth how we choose to live. If we’ve made the commitment to Christ, we must stay true to it and follow through at all times. We don’t want to risk the possibility of falling away from the faith. 2). When we do what is right it shows that we are walking on God’s paths. (v.29) All righteousness comes from God. No one can be truly righteous without Him.

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