Thursday, March 16, 2017

1 Samuel 17: Notes on Family

1 Samuel 17
Notes on Family

VERSES 1- 58
FAMILY - 1). Jesse had eight sons (v.12-14). He was older and cherished his boys. The three oldest boys were in the war, but the other five were still close to Jesse at home. David was also busy, but he went back and forth from Saul's palace to his father's house. As an older man, Jesse spent time with his sons and enjoyed being with them. As family members get older, we don't abandon them, but rather, embrace them all the more. 2). David had 4 other brothers who are never named. (v.12,13) They aren't mentioned when David was anointed, and they didn't join the older brothers in war. They stayed with their dad. Sometimes, the greatest thing we can do, the greatest thing God calls us to, is serve our families, and that should be enough. 3). Jesse sent David to his older sons at war. (v.17-19) Even though they were far away, Jesse didn't forget about them. He sent gifts to them, and to their commander, whom he trusted with their lives. Though distance can separate us, we need to stay close to our families and love those who love them. 4). David told King Saul that he was Jesse's son. (v.58) What a moment for their family, now friends with the King. Jesse sent his son to help his brothers, yet he came back a hero. David said his fathers name in the presence of the King, and knew that he had changed their lives forever.

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