Thursday, April 6, 2017

2 Samuel 17: Notes on Leadership

2 Samuel 17
Notes on Leadership

LEADERSHIP - 1). Once again, Absalom sought Ahithophel. He wanted his advice on what to do first in his pursuit of David. Absalom wouldn’t head out without seeking wise counsel. We should be careful to weigh our decisions carefully with those we trust and respect, because lives are in our hands. When lives are on the line, it is always worth a second look. 2). Ahithophel encouraged Absalom to pursue David immediately. (v.2,3) He knew that if David was attacked while weak and on the run, Absalom would stand a much better chance at defeating him. Though some of his advice was bad, some was also good. It would be Absalom’s job to weigh everything carefully. Even advice from trusted advisors needs to be weighed carefully in our decisions moving forward. 3). Ahithophel’s original plan seemed good to Absalom and all the elders. (v.4) Apparently, Absalom was checking with the elders as well as Ahithophel when it came to his future plans. Absalom could have been a great leader if he would have made better choices, because he wasn’t afraid to work with the team that surrounded him. 4). Hushai told Absalom that David would be ready for him. (v.8-10) He fell back on David’s years of successful military campaigns. He gave Absalom advice that contradicted Ahithophel, but was also quite accurate and true. We know that David would be ready, because of the very fact that Hushai is there advising him so, under David’s command. When in battle, David never allowed himself to be caught off guard and surprised, and neither should we. 5). Hushai encouraged Absalom to gather all of Israel together to descend on David and his men like dew settles on the ground. (v.12) He used an analogy from nature, which honored God. When we use examples that God has given us in his creation, it will be powerful to help illustrate our point, obvious in terms of actuality, and awesome in giving praise and credit to God. 6). The people agreed with their king that Hushai was right with his advice. (v.15) Ahithophel had been the best advisor up to this point. But the people rallied behind the King, giving him the courage to go against his trusted advisor. It’s hard to do something new by one’s self, but much easier with people rallied around us, standing together. When starting something new, we must make sure to rally the troops behind us before moving forward. 7). A servant girl went to tell the messengers to go to David, but a young man saw her and told Absalom. (v.17,18) They did their best to keep it private, but someone was watching and they were caught. When God makes us leaders, we must remember that someone is always watching. We must always be at our best and strive to set a good example for those who are taking their cues from us. 8). After Absalom took Hushia’s advice, Ahithophel went home and killed himself. (v.23) He couldn’t deal with being 2nd, with being rejected. We need to learn how to deal with rejection without giving up and throwing away all of our previous efforts. As leaders, we will be rejected at times; we must learn to deal with it and move on. 9). Absalom appointed Amasa over the army, married to Joab’s 2nd cousin. (v.25) Rather than allowing the army to go without a commander, Absalom found someone to replace Joab. He knew that nothing would be accomplished without a leader at the helm. We must do all we can to raise up people that can be leaders when important positions are vacated.

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