Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ephesians 3: Notes on God's Plan

Ephesians 3
Notes on God's Plan

GOD'S PLAN - 1). God gave Paul grace on behalf of the Gentiles. (v.2,3) Paul realized that when God saved Him, it wasn't just for Him; he was saved to reach others. When God saves us, He has a plan for us to reach others too. In saving you, He's also saving others down the road. 2). God revealed His plans to Paul's generation. (v.5) He waited until the right time for His plan to unfold. Paul's generation took the messages God had given them and spread them around the world. We are beneficiaries of their work, today. 3). Whenever God dispels His grace, it’s an act of power. (v.7) We often think of God’s power expressed in magnificent miracles; the parting of the Red Sea, raising the dead, feeding thousands, etc.. But even the simple acts of mercy and grace which God bestows upon us countless times every day are glorious miracles. When God intervenes, it’s always a powerful display of His love for us. 4). God's plan was put into motion at the right time. (v.9,10) He hid it from ages past, but initiated it with the church at that time, and it has grown to a mighty movement today. God intervenes in the affairs of men by using His church as His agent of change in this world. 

VERSES 14-21
GOD'S PLAN - 1). Paul prayed that God would give them power through His Spirit. (v.16) One of the greatest gifts we can receive from God's riches is the gift of His Spirit. He will dwell in our hearts, be with us at all times, and empower us to do all that God has called us to do. 2). Paul prayed that God would give them power to grasp His incredible love. (v.18) God wants us to know how much He loves us. It's so fabulous that we need God's help just to understand it, which He is willing to give. 3). We can know an 'unknowable' love. (v.19) God will give us power to know a love that goes beyond our knowledge. We can't define it, which makes it the perfect kind of love for us, imperfect people. God will always take us to places we couldn’t achieve without Him. 4). God wants to fill us with His fullness. (v.19) When we know the love of God by the power of His Spirit in us, we will have the fullness of God in our lives. God wants us to be full of Him. 5). God can do more than we can imagine. (v.20) He will do these things through us, by His power within us. God will use us to do His wonders in this world.

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