Thursday, May 4, 2017

Joshua 18: Notes on Worship

Joshua 18
Notes on Worship

WORSHIP - 1). The people assembled at Shiloh before they separated to take possession of the land designated to each tribe. (v.1) This was where the Tent of Meeting was, the actual Presence of God on earth. They needed to come together there as a starting point, a frame of reference, so they would always remember to come together to meet with God. The Presence of God was to be at the center of their nation and their lives. 2). After the surveys were done, they were to return to Joshua at Shiloh where he would cast lots for the Lord’s will on their behalf. (v.6) Casting lots was a dice type of activity where they would expect God to speak them based on how He let the ‘chips fall’. This may sound so alien to us, but remember that God didn’t just speak to his leaders every day, it was often spread out over years and decades. And we also must remember that they lived in a time where the work of God among them was much more supernatural than we see in our world today. The lesson for us is that once we’ve done our best to plan, we must lay our plans before God and let Him change them according to His perfect will.

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